Do you take proper care of the security of your trade mark or intellectual property?
In most cases, the awareness of possible means of combating illegal copies of intellectual property is only basic. With us, your idea can be protected to the maximum extent.
          1. Who are we?
SAFE IDEA Sp. z o.o.secures the copyright and trade marks of producers from all over the world in the territory of Poland.
          2. What industries do we protect?
- Pharmaceuticals        
- Software            
- Games            
- Automotive Industry
- Cosmetics                    
- Fashion          
- Publishing          
- Fashion


            3. What is our structure?
Our team is composed of specialists protecting every market area affected by abuse in the form of dissemination or illegal production of the intellectual property of businesses cooperating with us. We employ skilled individuals who have encountered such unlawful dealings in various industries.
Former officers of law enforcement authorities who gained their professional experience in combating such activities.
Industry specialists responsible for proper recognition of infringements affecting copyright holders.
Legal experts who have prepared thousands of opinions concerning intellectual property theft.
Barristers specialising in intellectual property rights who use their experience to minimise the duration of any infringement litigation and negotiate settlements on behalf of the customer.
       4. What activities do we carry out?


  1. Monitoring of copyright infringements
  2. Removing Internet records
  3. Gathering evidence
  4. Cooperation with law enforcement authorities
  5. Conducting settlement negotiations
  6. Legal representation
  7. Valuation of cases protected by us
  8. Monitoring and reporting with regard to activities carried out        
       5.How is a protection agreement with SAFE IDEA performed?
        The agreement implementation stages are described below


  1. Conclusion of the Agreement
  2. Gathering information on products of the copyright holder
  3. Appointment of an operational team for the product concerned
  4. Training of the team in the products concerned
  5. Preparation of a quarterly action plan
  6. Implementation of the plan.  
      6. What are the benefits of cooperation with SAFE IDEA?


  1. Reducing piracy
  2. Boosting sales of original products
  3. Building a proper brand image thanks to eliminating counterfeited products.
  4. Additional income from settlements and damages awarded for infringements of copyright.
  5. Building consumer awareness of the threats arising from the dissemination of illegal and counterfeited products.
         Thanks to us, the copyright holder has no need for the following:


  1. Creation of additional jobs for product protection
  2. Investment in state-of-the-art technology to detect illegal dealings
  3. Investment in legal services
  4. Expenses related to obtaining evidence.


DISCRETION In the carrying out of any activities related to the tasks entrusted by the Customer, we always take utmost care to maintain a good image of the enterprise protected.


PROFESSIONALISM Our team is composed of specialists who use their knowledge and professional tools to very effectively counteract any unlawful dissemination of your intellectual property.


INDIVIDUAL APPROACH We adopt an individual approach to every enterprise in order to maximise the protection of its business interests.


EFFECTIVENESS We have conducted more than 10,000 proceedings regarding illegal dissemination of intellectual property.


         If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: